As always, this post is inspired by a wardrobe consultation I did with a client who wanted some help putting together some new outfits from the things she already had.

We found these amazing plaid trousers from Zara with the labels still on them (not an uncommon discovery in most women’s wardrobes). They were bought in a moment of thinking “I blooming love these trousers”, but she had never quite had the confidence to walk out the door in them!


Printed trousers are for tall skinny people, right? This was why she’d never worn them and thought because she’s a pear shape print should be avoided on her bottom half. Well actually, completely WRONG!

I think everyone can enjoy this look, it’s just a case of styling them with the right things to get a balanced look.

So how did we pull it off? We paired them with a really cute little black sweater layered over a slightly longer tank top. Then we simply added some great patent black high heels and a great statement necklace to draw the eye up to her top half. It worked beautifully and she was so excited that they didn’t have to go on the scrap heap! (For more casual days we paired them with some flat slipper shoes)

Printed trousers are not just for the evening. Simply alter your accessories to make them work by day as well…




It is true that everything else in the outfit needs to be fairly plain or else it will become confusing. But this is exactly why printed trousers make such a great capsule wardrobe piece. They add interest to all the plainer pieces you have, giving you endless outfitting options.



Go on, give them a try!