Yesterday I was with a client who had a great long skirt and we thought about different ways she could style it.

It would be easy to style this sort of skirt with a simple scoop neck, long sleeved T-shirt, or a sweater with a long pendant necklace and some pretty flats or long leather boots. That would look great, but it wouldn’t have been right for this client.

Her style personality is definitely a bit ‘out there’ (in a good way) so it wasn’t going to work if we just went along the romantic vibe that the skirt on its own was giving off. It needed to be toughened up and given some edge!

I love how accessories and certain items of clothing like a leather or denim jacket can completely transform a soft piece like a dress or skirt and give a whole new dimension to the look.

This outfit is the perfect mix between a bit of soft romance and more edgy drama.

I’ve kept it fairly tame with the shoes and gone for feminine pointy toes rather than full on clumpy biker boots. It just depends on how edgy you want to be! Just wearing different shoes though, makes this outfit work for varied occasions. The black ankle boots are smart, the pointed flats more dressy for evening, while the converse are great for casual, moochy days…

This is a look that really works on anyone who is naturally quite feminine and curvy, rather than your classic types!

y-17Of course this outfit here is intended for someone with a deep colouring who looks great in black. You could easily opt for a navy or teal skirt instead, and use chocolate brown or tan accessories with a denim or brown leather jacket instead.