Here at Laura Doulton Image Consultancy, we are always harping on about scarves!  Not only for their ability to keep you warm in the winter chill, but because they have the power to transform an outfit from plain dull to stylish chic, make your face glow (if you wear the right colours) and even make you look taller and slimmer!

Top tips on how to wear a scarf……


1.Choose a bold print or bright colour to liven up a plain coloured outfit or dress and make a statement.

2.Use a silky fabric scarf to add glamour and evening chic to an otherwise ordinary outfit.

3.Buy a scarf in one of your key colours and wear it close to your face to make your complexion glow.This is also a useful trick to if you’re wearing something from your wardrobe that isn’t as flattering right next to your face.

4.Use a scarf to hide your bad bits and highlight your best features.Here’s how…..


Tall and lean:

If you are lucky enough to be tall and skinny, a scarf can add curves to your frame and make you appear more volumtious! Choose a large pashmina style and either wear it draped over you shoulders in a casual ‘just thrown on way’ or wrap it around your neck to add interest to your bean pole siloutete. Choose a colour that really flatters your skintone and colouring so that it blends into and accentuates your look rather than sticks out like a sore thumb!







Left: Rich Berry coloured Pashmina Shawl  Pure, £149.99

Right:ASOS Paisley Print Scarf £12.99


Apple Shaped:

If you carry weight around your boobs and belly, a scarf is literally your best friend!  Wear a long and slightly textured scarf hanging long around your neck. This is a brilliant belly disguiser and will also make you appear taller and slimmer! Just watch bulkiness of the scarf; if you’re petite you don’t want to look swamped, so wear a thinner, less bulky one…..







Left: Gucci Scarf, net a porter

middle: Leaf print scarf, Gap, £14.99

Right: Ruffle Twirly Scarf, Wallis, £16.50



Pear Shaped:

If you’re heavier on the bottom you’ll be wanting all the attention on your tiny waist and neat upper body. So draw the eye up by wearing a cute scarf, tied in a french knot or use a square shaped scarf and wear it cowboy style.








Scarf Pictured at Top of this article, Goat print pashmina, Pure