Today the weather is really grim and I have to admit feeling that first real tinge of  sadness at the onset of winter, especially when I realised I’d left my umbrella at home and couldn’t find a parking space anywhere near my office! Hadn’t intended to dress up as a ‘drowned rat’ today!

BUT, as I ducked between sporadic shop front awnings on my way to grab a coffee, I noticed my new yellow blazer was making people smile. Seriously, it really caused quite a stir in the pouring rain and when I finally arrived at the coffee shop, instead of worrying about the frizzy hair and running mascara, I felt buoyed up in my yellow coat!

I’m not saying that clothes can change how we feel on the inside, but they can really help!

I ummed and arrrrred over buying this yellow coat for myself. It is so bright and attention grabbing I thought perhaps it was a bit too much, even for me, who normally loves clothes items that make a statement! I’m always telling my clients to own at least 1 or two pieces that really ‘say something’!

Well, I’m now sitting in my nice warm office writing this post, and I have absolutely NO regrets buying this jacket and know it was a brilliant buy. It will cheer me up no end over the coming winter days and ensure all eyes are on the jacket, rather than the frizzy hair! (Frizzy hair is a pet hate, can you tell?)

I can highly recommend owning a bright winter cover-up, and here are a few of my favourites…




1.Hobbs Blazer, £219  2. Oasis Karmen Coat, £89  3. Boden Diana Coat £179, 4. LK Bennett Belted Coat, £295, 5. Jigsaw Llama Coat, £295